Start your own biz?

Have you thought about starting your own e-juice vape manufacturing business?

Could you find profits and success with your own e-juice? This could be your opportunity to manufacture a product in a limited area and have a potential world wide customer base. And making e-juice that you dream up may just be the answer you are looking for.

Believe it or not vape sauce is an easy product almost anyone can make. Best of all it can be very profitable.

Get your wallet ready… next is the information you’ll need to see what to purchase and set up your basic business today.

  • Help people quit smoking (if you want to do nicotine)
  • Improve health
  • Enormous profits
  • Scalable business model
  • Small investment
  • Low overhead
  • One of the most social business models in existence
  • Use your ideas for flavors and uniqueness

What you’ll need to make e-juice

To make e-juice you’ll need to purchase your ingredients (base and flavors - plus nicotine if you choose), along with measuring and mixing toolsbottles and a laboratory (not what you think) . At that point you need to look at how you will ‘market’ your product.  (Logo, labels, printing, fliers, website, etc.).

So let’s see what you need to get your business going.


Base (VG and PG)

What you want to purchase for your entire E juice recipe is the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients. You need to purchase 100% pure USP VG and PG. Don’t buy anything less and expect your product to be as good as you would want to purchase. You’ll pay more for the best but it is well worth it. With that said I highly recommend Bulk Apothecary for both your vegetable glycerin as well as your propylene glycol.

Not only does Bulk Apothecary only handle the best USA made USP 100% pure VG and PG but their prices are very low because of the high volume they do in this area.


It is up to you to decide if you want to create flavors or purchase them from companies who’ve already become experts in this field and have the equipment and investments already made to produce the quantities of product you will require. Larger companies should be consistent and have a steady supply of product to make available for you to use.

Another advantage is their large variety of flavors already perfected. If you were to venture on your own it might take months or years just to develop one or two flavors. Why would you go through all of that when you can simply purchase what you need for little cost?

If you decide to go down that path good luck to you but for the rest of us there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of flavors available immediately with little investment. The best place for flavors in my opinion is this Website just make sure you click to the PG Based Candy Flavor because flavor oils will not work for #vaping.

You will notice they sell a mix your own flavors package with recipes. I haven’t used it myself based on the reasoning that I didn’t want any extra work so I’ve always ordered their straight flavors. They cost less this way. You can decide what is best for you.

If you are questioning the use of PG based flavors vs VG based, you need to understand that VG is not a good carrier of flavor. VG provides the ‘vape’ and PG provides the flavor.

Nicotine (safety versus profit)

Regarding Nicotine…I believe that if  you found that even if you were to purchase high content nicotine it really isn’t that much cheaper. In fact it’s only half pennies per bottle and probably isn’t worth the danger of handling toxic strengths. You can do what you like but this is my preference. If you figure that ‘typically’ the strongest anyone usually wants to vape is 24 mg. You could offer less or what-have-you but to me I figured I would never need to make stronger. With that logic and some calculations I could purchase 48 mg strength and be able to make all of my recipes. (Again, we prefer 0mg. Just a non-nicotine house)

After looking over many of the available suppliers, 48mg nicotine seems to be the most cost effective strength and is safe enough to handle without much worry. You need to look at what fits your business plan.


You can order fancy amber glass bottles if you would like or you can order cheap. Most of the generic brand E juice sold in stores is packaged in the cheap plastic 10ml bottles. You can purchase  through Amazon and the ebay store from China. Work to get as low a price as you can. It takes about two weeks on average for the bottles to arrive so plan ahead and order enough. Amber (or clear) glass bottles are a good choice for a better quality product. If you choose to develop a brand name, then glass bottles with droppers would be recommended.

Measuring and Mixing Tools

Another opportunity to take advantage of Amazon or ebay. When you get to your recipes, you will need to measure out your ingredients/flavors and mix them with the proper tools. So you will need some type measuring ‘cup’…at least one glass beaker would be recommended. And then probably syringes of the blunt needle type to accurately measure out our ingredients. Once you have your recipe (your own or another)  you will want to be able to reproduce consistently.


OK… don’t let the word ‘laboratory‘ frighten you. It’s not what you might think. In this case a laboratory is just a clean area/space to make your product. It doesn’t have to be full of people in white coats. That image of a juice lab was designed by large companies in order to keep you from getting into the business for yourself.


You will have to develop your own specific recipe for each flavor you produce. You can find ideas everywhere. Have a look at our recipe example.

[ FYI–Now whatever strength of nicotine that you want to bottle can always be available to you by mixing and pouring a combination of your full strength and your zero strength. This will save you from bottling up a bunch of product you might not sell. ]

Now you are well on your way to becoming the next vaping success. You’ve learned what to buy and from where and how to put it all together to make your great tasting vape juice flavors. All you have to do now is market your product and start taking orders. Admittedly, this is where you may struggle the most.There are a lot more e-juice makers on the market today and the competition is getting fierce. Regardless, if you are willing to make a great product and put in the effort you can be successful.

Get out there and make it happen.

We LYKE more Flavor…more Smoke…more VAPE!